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How to Jumpstart a Dead Battery with Jumper Cables in Jupiter, FL; Calling a Jump Start Car Service Near Me!

Have you ever come out of the store or after a long day at work only to find that your car won’t start? There are many reasons this can happen but one major one is a dead battery. This can be an extreme inconvenience and can set you back on your daily schedule. If you have plans or appointments to get to, this is the last thing that you want to be dealing with. The best way to get your car back running and back on the road is to jumpstart the battery. This is a process that is best left to a professional that offers some kind of roadside assistance so that there is no damage done in the process. There is a lot that you really need to know about jumpstarting a car and what tools you should have available.

Affordable Towing & Junk Cars Lists What it Takes to Jumpstart a Car

You Need Two Cars: One of the first things that you are going to need is another car that is running. You will have to wait for someone you know to show up to help you or you have to flag down a stranger to ask for help getting your car jumped. You will then need to get the second running car into position so that the side with the battery is near the side that your battery is on. Lift each cars hood and then you are ready for the next step.
Jumpstart Tools: The jumpstart is only going to work if you have the right tools for the job. You need to have a set of jumper cables that will have four claw like clips, two on each side. These are the parts of the cables that will help send power from the good battery to your battery that is dead. If you don’t have these tools you will have to hold out hope that whoever is there to help has them for you to use.
Attach the Jumper Cables: If you were lucky enough to find some jumper cables and a willing person with a running car you are ready to set up the cables. Attaching the cables is an important step. If the cables are not done correctly you could cause damage to your own car as well as the person helping you. Each side of the cable has two different colored claw clips. These clips needs to be attached to the terminal on the battery. There is a positive and a negative side so you need to be sure that it is the same on each car. Be sure that the clips do not touch each other during this process.
Start The Car & Drive: The last step if you were able to get this far is to start the car that was dead. Once you are able to get the car started you need to keep it running and allow your battery to charge up and retain it so when you turn it off you are able to start the car again.

Towing & Emergency Roadside Assistance in Wellington, Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter & Loxahatchee, Florida.

If you don’t want to go through all this trouble and you don’t have the right tools you can call Affordable Towing & Junk Cars to have it taken care of by a professional.

Top Dollar Junk Car Removal Service & Lemon Laws for Used Car Sales in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Your junk car may have more value than you think and there are things you can do to get top dollar for it. This is realized when you take your car to a business that pays cash for auto salvage. These salvage lots will then sell the parts to other car owners or repair shops for cash, which is why they are in the business to buy your junk car in the first place.

Top Dollar Junk Car Removal

You can sell your junk car for the most money possible with a few simple steps!
1. Establish Ownership. You will usually need to obtain the title for the car if you don’t already own it. You may not be able to sell your car without it. These businesses will only buy the car from the legal owner. You will need to establish ownership before you begin dealing with these businesses.
2. Assess the Value. You will need to get an idea of the value of the car buy assessing the damage to it and checking the Blue Book value. Get all the information you can about the condition your car is in. You will be asked many questions about your car such as, what damage it has, if it runs, what is wrong with it, etc. You may need to repair it enough to make it road worthy, as cars that run will be worth more. You may even be charged if it needs to be picked up from your home.
3. Get Prices. Sometimes a longer drive may be worth more money. Call around to get prices of all the junkyards in your area and possibly nearby cities. Some junkyards will pick up cars that are worth more while others won’t pay anything for cars they have to pick up. Having a list of damages handy will make the process go more smoothly.
4. Junk Your Car. After you have a price for your junk car, you will need to deliver it or have it picked up. You can tow or drive the car yourself as many salvage yards will pay more if they don’t need to pick it up. Try to have the title with you because you won’t be able to sell the car without it.

Lemon Laws for Used Cars

Lemon Laws are set up to protect consumers from unfair treatment. Some of these laws are not too much of an issue, but some can come back to bite you. Here are the ones you most definitely need to abide by. You need to research the lemon laws for the state you are selling the car in. There are mileage tampering laws that prohibit you from doing anything to change the mileage on the car and doing so is punishable by law. Private seller laws need to be followed regarding private versus dealer sales. Some states call sellers who have sold more than four cars in a 12 month period dealers, making laws harsher. Some state lemon laws have price maximums. Many states will only issue a refund under lemon laws if a car is sold for more than $700 and sometimes there are limitations used for mileage and the age of the vehicle as well.

Junk Car Sales in Wellington, Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter & Loxahatchee, Florida

If you have decided to sell your junk car and have done your research, call Affordable Junk Cars & Towing as we pay top dollar for any car and will tow it away for free!

Tire Blowout While Driving on an Incline in Boca Raton, FL? Safety First When Changing a Flat Tire on a Car!

There are many obstacles on our roads every day that can cause a flat tire. If you drive your vehicle on a regular basis, chances are you will or already have, experienced a flat tire of some sort. Some of them are more dramatic than others, but they all have one thing in common; they usually have the worst timing. Aside from the basics in changing a flat tire, there are some things you should consider to make sure it is a safe situation. Affordable Junk Cars & Towing would like to make you aware of these tips.

Be Equipped with Tools Needed to Change a Flat Tire

Before you even have to deal with an unfortunate flat tire, you will want your car to be equipped with the tools that are required for the ordeal. You may find yourself wishing you had a pair of gloves to help keep your hands protected. Other helpful items might include, ,jack, tire iron or lug wrench, tire gauge, flashlight, and even some tire sealant as well as emergency cones and triangles can all be very helpful in this situation.

Pull Completely Off the Road if You Have a Tire Blowout While Driving

When you experience a flat tire, you want to make sure you are pulled far enough off the road that you aren’t in danger of getting hit. How many times have you heard of someone getting hit by a car while changing their tire? It happens far too often. If it is at all possible, try to make it to an exit so you can pull off and have plenty of room to change the tire. If you can’t make it to the exit, make sure you are using your flashers and emergency cones or triangles if you have them. This will help alert other drivers that you are there. This is especially the case in situations where you are in bad weather and visibility is already an issue. Be aware of the flow of traffic; especially large, heavy trucks that can pull you away from your car when they pass you by.

Can You Change a Flat Tire on an Incline?

When getting off the road to change your tire, you need to make sure you have found a flat level surface. If you aren’t on flat sturdy ground, you will not be able to safely jack up your car. If it is impossible to find a flat, level, and sound place to pull off, it is best to not attempt changing your tire on your own. Call for professional help.

How Long Can a Spare Tire Go?

When you are using a spare tire on your car, you should be only driving on it until you get to the nearest service center. It isn’t safe to use three normal tires and a spare when driving long distances. You will want to get a regular tire put back on as soon as possible. Professionals can decide if a tire can be repaired or if it is best to replace the tire altogether.

Emergency Flat Tire Change Roadside Assistance in Wellington, Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter & Loxahatchee, Florida

If you find yourself on the side of a road with a flat tire and the conditions are less than desirable or safe, you shouldn’t attempt changing it on your own. Affordable Junk Cars & Towing can assist you in changing your tire and getting you on the road as soon as possible. Call Affordable Junk Cars & Towing for all your roadside needs.

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