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Winterize Car Maintenance Preparing Checklist. Tips to Get Your Car Ready For Winter; Check Battery, Fluid Levels, Tire Air Pressure & More

The change is weather is hard on some people. The cold weather brings snow, layers of clothes and darker nights. The cold is hard on people, pets, bugs and even your car. Your car is made to work in many conditions even in the cold, snowy days of winter. Just like any of your appliance or your clothing options you need to make some changes to your vehicle when the weather cools way off. Getting stuck on the side of the road is no fun any time of the year but on a freezing cold day it might be even worse. There are many things you can do to prepare your car to deal with the new weather.

Affordable Junk Cars & Towing Lists What You Can Do to Prepare Your Car For The Cold Winter Months

Get Your Oil Changed: A car has a light that will alert you when you need to have your oil changed. The oil needs to be changed on a regular basis and you can determine that based on the owner’s manual of the vehicle. The car also needs to be looked at even closer in the winter time and often it needs to be a thinner oil if your car will be in the freezing temperatures.
Check Your Car Battery: When the weather is cold your car is going to need more juice to get it started. Many people will start to notice that it takes a few seconds more to get the car to turn over and start up. This is especially true on a cold morning after the car has sat all night long. Just because your battery will start your car it does not mean that it is fully charged. You can do a quick check by turning on your headlights and then starting your car. If your lights get brighter when you start the car the battery may not have a full charge. This is an indicator that you need to have a new battery installed. You can also have your car battery checked at your local auto store.
Install New Wiper Blades & Check Fluid Levels: The wiper blades on your car sit there for months without being used. Then all of a sudden there is rain and you realize that they are dried out or broken. The wipers are something that you need to keep track of and change them out when the weather changes. The wipers are a safety tool to help you travel along even when there is rain and snow.
Check The Tires & Air Pressure: Another area on the car that needs to be looked at when the weather changes to cold is the amount of air that is in the tires. The air pressure will fluctuate when the weather goes from warm to cold. The pressure will lower when it gets cold so you will need to add some air to the tires. You also want to check the health of the tires and see the amount of tread that is left. If you are not sure what you are looking for you can take it to an expert to have them checked.

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Vehicle Breakdown Procedure; What to Do if Your Car Breaks Down on the Highway on West Palm Beach, FL & You Need Roadside Assistance

When your car breaks down, it is never a convenient time. When on the road and your vehicle chooses to inconvenience your life by not getting you to your destination, you have several options. Following a wave of emotions like anger and toddler size tantrums, followed by tears and a readiness to give up on the world, and then a determination that you will not let a machine beat you; you can attempt to call a “friend”. You will be hoping you don’t have to wait six hours for a rescue or you can do the most logical thing and call the professionals as soon as possible and get the proper assistance. Today, we at Affordable Towing and Junk Cars would like to offer some tips on what you should do while you wait for the professionals assistance when waiting for the road side assistance service.

Vehicle Breakdown Procedure; What to Do if Your Car Breaks Down on the Highway

Get your car out of traffic.
If it is safe, your first priority should be to get your vehicle to safety. Avoid curves if possible and use the straightest and most forward way to get your car to safety while it is struggling. If the engine has cut out, many times you can afford the time to coast and steer the vehicle to safety. The goal is to get the vehicle as far off the road as possible. In the event it happens during rush hour traffic, and getting your automobile is next to impossible, be sure to turn your hazard lights on and request law enforcement assistance to get your vehicle out of the flow of traffic.
Make your vehicle noticeable.
Once your car is out of the way and is safe, you want to make it visible to avoid accidental collisions and make it noticeable for the professional roadside assistance experts. Make sure your hazard lights are flipped on during the day and night. After dark, turn on the interior lights on for extra visibility and to help other motorists not mistake your vehicle for an operational vehicle. If it is safe to get out of automobile and you possess flares or hazard triangles, placing them accordingly can increase visibility as well. Additionally, raising your hood up can help alert the passerby as to your vehicles predicament.
Call for professional roadside assistance.
Calling for roadside assistance is next, the professionals can either get your car back into working order, or tow you to where you need to go, whether it is to your home your trusted mechanic. As previously mentioned, law enforcement can be called if your vehicle is stuck in traffic where safety is a concern to get your vehicle out of the way. Most folks these days have cellular service, but if you are in an area where cell phone service is unattainable, you lack a cell phone or the battery is down, there are emergency boxes available where you can call for assistance.
Stay with or near your automobile.
After you have done all you can, it is important you stay in your car until help arrives. If conditions are favorable and there are safety barriers, stay behind the barrier. If traffic is high, and getting out of your car feels threatening, stay inside with the seat belt fastened.

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How Long Can a Car Sit on the Side of the Highway in Loxahatchee, FL? Vehicle Breakdown Procedure; What to Do if Your Car Breaks Down

As we get ready for the holidays and all the travel that comes with them, now is a good time to make sure your car is in good running order to get you to and from the many places you will be traveling this holiday season. The last thing that you want is to find yourself stranded on the side of the road somewhere with nowhere to go. Affordable Junk Cars & Towing is here to talk about some preventative measures that can be taken to ensure you aren’t broken down on the side of the road.

Check Your Tire Tread Depth Wear & Air Pressure

Before you set out on any sort of a trip, you should check all five of your tires. You may ask where the fifth one is? You need to check your spare tire as well as the four you use to drive on. As your spare sits in storage, it can become unusable with cracks and other signs of age. Make sure it is ready to go in case you have a need for it. Check the air in all of your tires as well as the wear and tear. During this time of the year, you may experience weather in places you are traveling so make sure the tread is still going to keep you safe.

How to Tell if a Car Battery is Bad

Coming out of the hottest months of the year, this is a great time to check your battery. The extreme temperatures that summer brings can do a number on your car battery. The extreme heat causes erosion on the terminals to happen at a faster rate which can cause insufficient electrical power. When you first buy a battery for your car, you are told that it will last 3-5 years. That varies from place to place though. It all depends on where you live and the conditions in which your battery will be experiencing. Make sure you check it and it is able to get you from point A to point B with no problems.

Windshield Wiper Fluid Won’t Spray or Not Coming Out?

The extreme weather that comes with the holidays can make driving stressful. If your windshield wipers aren’t up to par, then it is even worse. Check your wipers for signs of aging. If they are worn and cracked, they will do little to keep your windshield clean and could make visibility an issue on your trip. When you hit weather, you will need to have wiper fluid as well. Make sure the reservoir is completely full before you set off on your trip.

Car Maintenance Schedule & Checklist

Having the proper maintenance done on your vehicle will ensure it runs properly. If you have a vehicle maintenance light that comes on, don’t ignore it. Your car is trying to tell you there is a potential problem and you should have it looked at right away. This is especially true if you are getting ready to head out on a long road trip.

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Car Breaks Down While Driving; Most Common Vehicle Breakdown Reasons You Need a Tow in Jupiter, FL

When you find yourself sitting on the side of the road with a car that will not start, you know that you are in a bad situation. Being on the roadside broken down is scary for some people and just plain frustrating for others. If you are broken down and don’t have a loved one that you can call to come out and help you, then you will need another option. You can call a tow truck company that can come out and tow you away or offer roadside assistance.

Affordable Junk Cars & Towing Lists the Most Common Reasons a Car Breaks Down On the Roadside

Ran Out Of Fuel: One of the most common reasons that a tow truck is being called out for a tow or roadside assistance is that the car is out of gas or fuel. Cars and trucks are all equipped with a gauge that shows you the amount of gas you currently have. Some people don’t pay enough attention to the gauge or they push it too far thinking that their car will make it. Another problem is if the gauge is broken and giving you a false reading. The tow truck will be able to bring out a gas can and get you enough to make it to a full service gas station as long as they offer roadside assistance.
Flat Tires or Blowouts: Another reason that people are stuck on the side of the road is due to flat tire or a blowout. When a tire has some type of damage to it you run the risk of it blowing out which can be dangerous and can even cause a larger car accident. Another problem with your tires can be if you drove over an object that could puncture the tire. This will lead to the tire deflating and you should not drive on it because it can cause damage to the rim as well. If you have a flat tire or a blowout you want to call a tow truck right away. They can move the car for your or they can help put a spare tire on so that you can make it to a repair shop.
Overheating Car: If the temperature outside is hot and the car is running, it can start to overheat. The car has equipment that is supposed to keep it cooled off while you are out driving whether it is cold or hot out but sometimes the equipment fails and you could overheat. The problem is when you continue to drive after the car has started to overheat you could blow the engine. The best thing to do is to stop immediately and call for a tow. You want to have the item repaired before you start the car back up.
Car Engine or Electrical Problems: There are some cars that are going to have engine troubles that can stall the car out or keep it from starting all together. If you try to jumpstart the car and that fails you could have a bigger problem on your hands. You could have a problem with the starter, electrical wires, chips or the engine to name a few. These problems will require you to have the car towed to a mechanic to diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs.

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