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What Does Oil Do in an Engine & What Happens if You Don’t Change the Oil in Your Car in West Palm Beach, FL?

The cost of a new vehicle is not cheap and when you go to purchase a new car or truck you should do what you can to maintain it. It would be a real waste to allow the car to lose value after you have paid that much money. All vehicle owners know they need to check the air in their tires as well as fluids in their engine which include the oil. The oil is a major part of the car and needs to be maintained properly and checked often. You may think that your car isn’t leaking oil so where is it going and why do you need to add more regularly. The car doesn’t just use gas up. It actually uses oil as well.

Affordable Junk Cars & Towing Has Why Changing Your Oil Is Important & What You Need To Know

Normal Engine Oil Consumption: One thing that many people don’t understand is why the car needs to have oil replaced when there isn’t a leak. The reason is just like our car uses gas to run the motor, it also uses oil to keep the many moving parts lubricated. The lubrication allows the parts to move slowly and without friction. Every car uses oil but you may find that you need oil in your car more often than your friend. The reason behind this is how you drive your car. If you run your car a lot and drive with a lead foot, the faster it will go through oil than someone who drives a little steadier.
Why Do Cars Need Oil to Run?: There are many reasons behind needing oil in your car. The oil is an important part of the engine and how it functions. The oil is what lubricates parts of the engine like the pistons and valves. If these parts are not lubricated they can start to create friction that leads to heat. Heat is not good on an engine and can lead to the engine seizing up. Another job that the oil has is to remove some of the dirt and debris that would otherwise get in the engine components. The dirt that is left behind will start to cause corrosion and that will lead to your car dying an early death. Another great benefit to the oil that is kept in the car is that it will improve the gas mileage that you get. With gas prices always fluctuating most people do what they can to save money at the pump.
Why Do You Have To Change the Oil in Your Car?: You might be wondering why you can’t occasionally add some oil to your engine rather than having it replaced. The problem is that the oil will start to collect the dirt from the engine. That will eventually lead to sludge forming and then it will no longer be able to lubricate the moving parts.

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Signs of Car Electrical Problems in West Palm Beach, FL; Dimming Headlights & Dash Lights, Vehicle Won’t Start & More

Your car is something you rely on to get you from one place to the next. Any issues with the vehicle can be a problem not only for your schedule that is sure to be behind but also for the repairs that will need to be done. A blow out on your tire is easy to diagnose and you can put your spare tire on while you have the tire replaced. A dead battery after leaving the lights on all night is another easy fix. You can jumpstart the car to get it going again which will get the battery charged back up again. If you start to have problems with the electrical system in your car there are signs you can look for. There is not one specific sign that tells you the problem is coming from your electrical system. That means you need to be aware of a list of problems that you might come up against.

Affordable Junk Cars & Towing Lists Signs of Problems With the Electrical System in Your Car

Definition of Electrical System in Car: Your car has many different components and parts that could potentially cause your car to stop working. One of the areas that you need to know about is the electrical system. It is not a single part that can be repaired or replaced since there are many components that make up the electrical system. There are the obvious parts like the wiring and the battery but it also includes the alternator, starter and the computer system.
Dimming Headlights & Dash Lights: There are several lights on your car but the headlights are the ones that can you can see a problem with when driving. The headlights should be able to turn on and stay the same brightness while driving. The dashboard also has lights that help you to read the odometer, fuel gauge and temperature gauge. These lights are necessary to see when operating a vehicle to ensure there is not a problem with the car. If the lights are not on or too dim you won’t be able to see. When the headlights dim or the dash lights dim when the car is idling or driving it could be a sign of an electrical failure.
Brake Lights Not Working: Just like any bulb in your home or business the bulbs in your car need to be replaced on occasion as well. The bulb can burn out and just need to be replaced. If you notice that your brake lights are out and not working and you have already replaced the bulbs you can have a bad fuse. The fuse is part of the electrical unit and will burn out on occasion which will stop the electrical current from reaching that particular area. The fuse can be replaced by a professional auto repair shop.
Car Won’t Start: You may think that the car not starting is only a problem with the battery being dead but is can be more. You can check the car by seeing what happens when you turn the key. If the car makes a clicking sound when the key is turned the cause could be the starter. A problem with the alternator will not make a noise when you turn the key but the interior lights will still be on. If all the lights are off and the car won’t start it is often times the battery. These are all representations of electrical car failure.

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How to Read Tire Numbers to Tell What Size Tires Fit My Car & What the Tire Pressure is Supposed to Be in West Palm Beach, FL!

Being stranded on the side of the road is a real hassle for anyone. The number one reason that cars are stranded on the road is from a tire that has blown out or gone flat. A tire is a necessity when you want to drive your vehicle and if something happens to the tire you need to stop right away and make the repair or call for roadside assistance. There are several things that you can do to ensure that your tires are in good shape. You want to make sure that they have good tread and the air pressure is at a level that is appropriate for that particular tire. You may not realize that you can look at the tire itself and find out all sorts of important information about your tires.

Affordable Junk Cars & Towing Explains How to Read Tire Numbers to Know What Size Tires Fit & Correct Tire Pressure

Tire Facts Information: You may think you need to be a tire repair technician to know information about your tire but you don’t. If you go out and look at the side of your car or trucks tire you can find a plethora of information. The sidewall of each tire has number and letters that can tell you a lot about the tire. You can see what size the tire is and what air pressure is appropriate for the tire.
What Size Tires Fit My Car?: The side of the tire has a bunch of letters and numbers that are lined around that you can use to determine this information. To be able to tell what size the tire is, you will see a series of numbers and letters that may thing something like P205/65R which is common on many cars. The first letter in the series is what the tire is designated for the vehicle. A letter P means that it is meant for a passenger vehicle. There are some trucks that may have an LT instead of a P for light truck. The numbers that follow this letter show the width of the tire when it is measured in millimeters. The next number that comes after a slash will show you what size the side of the tire is. In this case the sidewall of the tire is 65 millimeters from the wheel to the top of the tread. The final R means that it is radial.
What is Your Tire Pressure Supposed to Be At?: You can also use the numbers on the side of the tire to determine this. You want to keep the tire inflated properly to ensure that it works the most efficiently. The tire pressure can change when the weather changes and that means you need to have them checked often. There is a number followed by PSI. That represents the pound per square inch that is needed to inflate the tire. Make sure you are in that range to have optimal air pressure.

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When to Junk a Vehicle for Cash in West Palm Beach, FL; Car Damage, Age & Life Expectancy, Does Automobile Run & More

If you are sitting in a vehicle that is just not running well or has been in an accident, you could be dealing with a junk car. It is a hard move for most people to come to the realization that their car is done and needs to be put out to pasture. There are a few ways to know you have a junk car and determine if it is time to get a new one. When you find out you have a car that is now ready to be sent to the junkyard, you need to know what to do next. You want to look into a company that receives junk cars so that you are not stuck with it in your yard making your home look like a mess. The other thing that you want to consider is if the company has a tow truck so that they can come to you, pick up the car and haul it away.

Affordable Junk Cars & Towing Lists Ways to Determine if Your Vehicle is a Junk Car

What Car Damage Does the Vehicle Have: There are many situations that a vehicle can be damaged. One of the major ways is when you are in a car accident and the vehicle is no longer able to be driven. The damage is severe enough that the cost to repair the car is more than the value of the car then you are most likely dealing with a junk car. Another way that a vehicle can be damaged is if it is involved in a flood of some sort. Water damage can short out the cars functionality. That can be a serious amount that requires a lot of money to repair. Another problem is that you can have a car that looks okay from the outside but there can be a lot of damage to the motor, transmission or any other mechanics that are usually found under the hood. Any of these factors can lead to the determination that the car is a junk car and needs to be towed away.
Age & Life Expectancy of the Car or Truck: When you have a vehicle you know that keeping track of the age of the vehicle is important. The older the car or truck is, the more likely that the wear and tear on it that could leave the car not working the way that it should. The older the car gets the more likely the car is that it is ready to be sent to the junk yard.
Does the Car Run: If you have a car that has been sitting in a driveway for a long period of time it could be a car that may need to be in the junkyard. The longer a car sits and is not running the harder it will be to get the vehicle running again. If there are a lot of repairs that are needed and you don’t have the means to do it you may have a car that is sitting in the same spot. The best thing to do is to get a more reliable vehicle and junk the car and have it towed away.

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Ways to Get Locked Out of Your Vehicle & Need an Auto Lockout in West Palm Beach, FL; Broken Key, Lost or Stolen Car Keys & More

Have you ever had that moment where you walk out to get in the car and realize the keys are not with you? A moment of panic starts to set in and you are most likely running though that last few moments to find out where the keys might be. Being locked out of your automobile is a major problem for a few reasons. The main one is that you were heading out to your vehicle so that you could leave. You probably have an appointment or place to be and no keys really puts you behind schedule. It seems like the worst time when your keys go missing. You will need to call a locksmith that can help. Not just any locksmith but one that offers mobile services and auto services. There are several ways that you could end up needing a locksmith for your auto lockout.

Affordable Towing & Junk Cars Offers Auto Lockout Services to Help You Get Back in Your Cars

Keys Locked in Car: One of the most common reasons a person needs auto lockout services is when they lock the keys in the car. Many people are in a hurry and need to get from one place to the next. There are often times that you are taking items with you and it is easy to set down some things and shut the doors. Although you thought that you set down the right things you could have easily set down the keys. Now you are sitting outside a locked car while you can see the keys inside. You can be in a major bind with your schedule or if you have items that are perishable inside the car. You need to gain access to your car as soon as possible. This is why auto lockout services are so important and you should have a service handy.
Broken Key: Another way that you could find yourself in a bind is if the key you are using to unlock the door is broken off. The key will need to be attached to the main part of the key in order for it to work. If the key is broken off from too much wear or from a lock that is stuck you will not be able to unlock the door. You will end up needing to use an auto lockout service to open the door for you.
Lost Or Stolen Car Keys: If you are at the store, work or home and you go to find your keys with no luck you will find yourself locked out. You could have dropped your key unknowingly or someone could have stolen them. Either way you are locked out of your car and will need to get back in. Lost or stolen keys are a huge deal and this usually happens while you are away from home and need to get back home to take care of your belongings.

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