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Affordable Towing and Junk Cars is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida supplies a number of towing, roadside assistance, and junk car services to the locals as well as patrons throughout Florida. We are family owned and operated business that is completely licensed and insured to deliver a quality experience. To separate us from our competitors, we are committed to upholding high moral standards and work ethics, deliver friendly customer service, and superior execution in all services rendered. To ensure quality, our specialists have advanced training, years of valuable experience, and extraordinary skills that are complimented by high-end products and equipment available only to licensed professionals.

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Affordable Towing and Junk Cars catering the Greater Boca Raton, Florida area, offers Auto Wrecker services. Our auto wrecker service is exceptional and is highly beneficial to many in diverse circumstances. Below you will find some common instances as to why Affordable Towing and Junk Cars auto wrecking service is ideal.
1. Winching. Where it can be embarrassing to some to have driven their car into a ditch or a similar tight spot, you have a trusted resource to get you quickly and efficiently with Affordable Towing and Junk Cars wrecker service.
2. Collisions. Even in minor collisions, your vehicle could have sustained critical damage without you being aware of the severity. With our specialists responding with our auto wrecker service, we can assess and evaluate the damage and consult with you on whether or not the vehicle can be moved safely, tow your vehicle to an auto mechanic, or incorporate it in our junk car program.
3. Flat Tires. Flat tires rarely transpire at convenient times and optimal locations; if you need assistance, Affordable Towing and Junk Cars wrecker service can perform a patch job or replace your tire to get you back on the road again as quickly as possible.
4. Emergency Roadside Services. Auto problems can happen day or night, during the week or on weekends, as well as holidays. When you are experiencing an already stressful situation, you need a reliable source. Affordable Towing and Junk Cars wrecker service can perform emergency services to alleviate the burdens you are already enduring.
5. Safe Towing. When you find yourself in need of a tow, enlisting the aid of a friend with a chain or heavy duty rope might be tempting. But to avoid damage to the car and for safety of you and others on the road, contact Affordable Towing and Junk Cars wrecker service for a safe tow to the vehicle’s destination.
6. Roadside Assistance. Needing a tire change, a little bit of fuel, a battery jump, or assist you back into your locked vehicle; Affordable Towing and Junk Cars wrecker service is available 24/7 for your convenience. If there are problems occurring out of our expertise, we have the capabilities of towing you to your preferred mechanic.

Auto Wrecker Services in Wellington, Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter & Loxahatchee, Florida

If you are in need of an experienced auto wrecker, contact Affordable Towing and Junk Cars for our auto wrecker service. We are eager to serve you!

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