Vehicle Rollover Accidents

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Types of Vehicle Rollover Accidents

Among the many circumstances that Affordable Towing and Junk Cars respond to in West Palm Beach, Florida, is vehicle rollovers. With a few types of rollovers; tripped or un-tripped occurring, they generally require the assistance of a towing expert and Affordable Towing and Junk Cars can handle the rollover situations.
Un-tripped: An incomparably less common type of rollover; un-tripped rollovers occur less than 5% as opposed to the tripping types of vehicle rollovers. The un-tripped rollover is typically the outcome of a maneuver attempted in order to avoid a high-speed collision whereas the tripped rollovers are the result of an object tripping component contributing to the rollover.
Tripped Rollovers: Tripped rollovers however, discovered by the NHTSA data, show in single-vehicle rollovers that 95% of them are tripped rollovers. There are a few variable tripping types of rollovers, but generally a tripped rollover is when the tires dig into soft soil or collides into an object such as a curb or guardrail after a vehicle veers off the roadways and slides sideways. High tripping force application and the reaction of the tires causes vehicles to rollover.
Guardrail Tripping: Ultimately, a guardrail can be what causes the tripping, resulting in a vehicle rollover. A driver shifting to the right, leaving the road at variable speeds, who then attempts to avoid colliding with the guardrail by continuing to steer right causes the car to become airborne and as the front left portion of the vehicle makes contact with the guardrail in a ramp-like fashion, the vehicle then rollovers. This situation is a common example of guardrail tripping.
Soft Soil: Soft soil contributing to tripping rollovers is a frequent offender. A vehicle that begins to deviate off to the right of the road at high speeds is often over-corrected by the driver executed an extremely sharp left to compensate for the loss ground; leading the tires to dig into the soft soil and impact causes a soft soil rollover.
Steep Slope: Steep slopes are also a common cause of a type of tripping vehicle rollover. For instance, take a sports utility vehicle that slowly travels off-road but then swiftly increases the speed as it heads down a steep slope. With the occurring path, escalating speeds and then misjudging the sharp turn to the right, the vehicle will rollover due to steep slope tripping. A rollover can also be the outcome if the incline is too steep and the vehicle topples over.

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No matter why, a vehicle rollover in West Palm Beach, Florida needs to be quickly rescued. Affordable Towing and Junk Cars will quickly respond after being dispatched to retrieve your vehicle. If you need help following a vehicle rollover, contact Affordable Towing and Junk Cars and let our experts get your vehicle settled.

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