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Cash for Junk Cars in Boca Raton, FL; Most Valuable Auto Parts on a Car Such as Wheels, Bumpers, Air Bags & More

You have a junk car. At one time you were going to do a little work on it and get it on the road. It may not be a classic,… more »

Holiday Safety Driving Tips to Avoid Needing Towing Due to a Car Breakdown or Accident in West Palm Beach, FL

The holidays are filled with squeezing as much time as you can with those you love and cherish the most. To make this happen, more and more people are turning… more »

Car Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car in Good Condition in West Palm Beach, FL this Summer

It’s a good idea to know the ins and outs of your car to keep it running. Read the manual and do it more than once to give you all… more »

Selling Your Junk Car After a Rollover in West Palm Beach, FL; Value of Parts & Scrap Metal

Rollover accidents, according to the statistical evidence available, results in one of the highest fatality and extensive injury rates than nearly any another motor vehicular accidents. The stress to occupants… more »

Troubleshooting Symptoms & How to Stop Your Car from Overheating in West Palm Beach, FL

Imagine you are driving down the street on your way to get dinner and you realize that the temperature gauge on your instrument panel is moving into the red. The… more »

How Much Do Junkyards Pay for Cars in West Palm Beach, FL & How Does Junking a Car Work?

When you have an old car that is just not worth fixing, registering or driving you need to find a way to get rid of it. A junk car is… more »

Florida Car Accident Laws; How Long Do You Have to Report a Auto Collision, Crash or Fender Bender in West Palm Beach, FL

There are many drivers that go through most of their life without ever being involved in a car collision or accident. However, when an accident happens, most feel disoriented and… more »

Exotic Towing; Flatbed Tow Trucks for Transport of Luxury, Classic & Lowered Cars in West Palm Beach, FL

Exotic vehicles are a high commodity. They are beautiful and powerful pieces of machinery. From classic, vintage or antique automobiles to high-end sports cars, the exotic cars often include a… more »

Overheating Car Engine Symptoms, Troubleshooting, Damage & Consequences in West Palm Beach, FL

One of the many problems we can have with vehicles is overheating. If the engine isn’t constantly cooled as we drive, other major issues can occur. So why do vehicles… more »

Guide to What Causes Uneven & Irregular Tire Wear Patterns on Inside & Outside Edge of Tires in West Palm Beach, FL

Tire failure is all too common of a problem. Many times our tires can create problems in our vehicle that makes us think there is a serious problem. Often these… more »


We pay cash for just about any car, whether it runs perfectly or has mechanical issues, been in an accident or even totaled, is plain old junk or anywhere in between!


You need never feel stranded again. Whether it’s a breakdown or an accident, we have fast response times to tow you home, to a mechanic or wherever you choose!


Our roadside assistance includes auto lockouts, tire changes, jump starts, battery replacements, fuel & fluid deliveries and fuel filter changes.

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