Cash for Junk Cars in Boca Raton, FL; Most Valuable Auto Parts on a Car Such as Wheels, Bumpers, Air Bags & More

You have a junk car. At one time you were going to do a little work on it and get it on the road. It may not be a classic, but let’s face it, there is some emotional attachment to our cars and trucks, for better or worse. It’s been over five years you haven’t touched it and your emotional attachment has ebbed. Time to get rid of it. You can sell it to a salvage yard or a parts yard.

Used Auto Parts

Auto manufacturers only must supply parts for ten years. But certain models are popular or a model that has part compatibility over the years will have parts for longer. Some companies produce parts to this day, or least body parts for the classics. Even given the ten-year limit prescribed by law, parts don’t usually start drying up for an additional decade or two. So used body parts for some models are highly lucrative for older cars. Suspension parts are also in demand. Prior to 1963 car springs were high-carbon steel, so the knife makers like them and snatch those springs up. Of course, engines and transmissions have value. If you are restoring an old car or truck, building a hotrod, or swapping engines, there are many models that have value. Small or large block Chevys and Fords are perennial favorites for the racers and hotrodders.

Most Valuable Parts on a Car

Some items that have value:
GPS System to replace loss through theft, vandalism or accident.
Wheels, Tires and Rims as nice ones are always in demand. Tires with good tread are a lot cheaper than new and just about as good.
Bumpers, Doors, Fenders, Hoods and Trunk Lids – used body parts are always a good deal. If properly cleaned and prepped as good as any new fender or door.
Air Bags are expensive, much cheaper to salvage than buy new.
Air Conditioning Compressors are a cheap method to get that cooler going. Some of the older Ford models can be converted to air compressors for the off-road crowd.
Windshield Wiper Arms. Replacement are dealer items new, expect a high tariff. Generally, dirt cheap in a junk or salvage yard.
Tailgates on Trucks are always getting crunched or dented, so there is always a demand for those ‘gates’.
Radio/Stereo rarely stop working and are good to go in almost any installation. Stolen radio, a junk yard replacement out the same model may save some big bucks.
Motor Oil and Filters. Used motor oil can be re-refined into lube oil more lube that can be had refining crude oil, about 70 times more, fuel for boilers and space heaters, asphalt and nearly 10% water.
Catalytic Converters contain trace amounts of platinum and palladium. Both valuable metals. More than gold.
So that old ride might just be a gold mine, even the salvage yards can get a couple of hundred dollars in metal scrap prices alone.

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That old clunker may not be exactly a gold mine, but it does have value, a lot more than most realize. As we try to protect the environment, we are finding unique ways to repurpose our trash. And cars have been recycled for many, many years. That is why we can offer cash for your clunker. Affordable Junk Cars & Towing can meet all of your towing and roadside assistance needs and we also pay cash for used cars. Call us to learn more today!

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