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Affordable Towing and Junk Cars of West Palm Beach, Florida supplies automobile owners with a number of services, from towing, to roadside assistance, to junk car services. We are fully licensed and insured to offer our professional expertise and services. We are passionate about serving the community and customer service. In an effort to help people understand some of the terms used with towing and roadside assistance, we have compiled a glossary.

Towing Glossary

Coupler: The coupler is the round, hollowed portion that fits over the hitch ball that is conjoined with the trailer tongue.
Hitch Ball: The steel ball bolted through the hitch head.
Hitch Receiver: Located under tow vehicle bumper, the hitch receiver permits the insertion of the hitch shank. Usually bolts to the tow vehicle frame.
Trailer Tongue Weight: The downward force exerted on the hitch ball by the trailer coupler.
Weight Distributing Hitch: A weight-distributing system includes a shank attached to the tow vehicle receiver, plus a hitch head, spring arm or spring bar assembly and brackets that connect to the trailer frame.
Shank: Connecting to the hitch head, the shank inserts into the tow vehicle receiver.
Sway Control Bracket: Brackets that bolt on to the trailer frame. The spring arms rest on the bracket creating steel on steel friction sway control.
Spring Arms: Connected to the hitch head and the brackets is set of solid steel square bars included in the hitch assembly.
Socket: Where the spring arms are inserted in the rectangular steel tubes on the hitch head.
Linear Friction: To provide integrated sway control, a steel on steel positive friction created at the connection point of the spring arm on the L-bracket.
Rotational Friction: Contributing to integrated sway control, the downward pressure from the trailer tongue and upward pressure from the spring arms creates at the connection where head sockets rotate inside hitch head.
Weight Distribution: To prevent tow vehicle and trailer from sagging in the center, the distribute weight over the axels of the tow vehicle and trailer.

Roadside Assistance

Accident: A collision or impact with any object causing damage to the vehicle or property.
Emergency Roadside Assistance: Services available to help disabled vehicles mobile again.
Commercial Vehicle: A trade or business vehicle used primarily for delivering products and services.
Disabled Vehicle: An event which causes a vehicle to become disabled such that it is unable to be driven safely and was caused by: mechanical failure, engine fire, flooding that doesn’t inflict on the vehicle’s cabin, or malicious act.
Mechanical Breakdown: A mechanical malfunction has occurred during operation of the vehicle that makes the car unsafe or inoperable.
Minor Mechanical Repairs: Minor and in some cases temporary repairs to make the vehicle operable for a short time.
Pre-existing Condition: A problematic condition of a vehicle that has previously been identified by a professional that causes the vehicle to experience malfunction.
Special Towing Equipment: Towing equipment not generally used by a commercial towing service provider.
Tow(s): A vehicle pulling another vehicle behind it with appropriate equipment.

Common Roadside Assistance Services

Tires Changes – If a tire has become unusable, roadside assistance can change the tire to get you back on the road.
Jump Starts – When the battery has lost its charge, it can often be jumped; roadside assistance can give your vehicle’s battery a jump start.
Automobile Lockouts – Locking the keys in the car happens regularly; roadside can assist with vehicle lockouts.
Gas Delivery – Many motorists attempt to push the gas contents to the limit and find they have consumed every drop; roadside assistance can give you just enough gas to get you to a gas station for adequate fill up.

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