Car Electrical Failure & Diagnostic Problems

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Solving Car Electrical Problems

Electrical failure can occur in your vehicle at the most inopportune time in West Palm Beach, Florida. When this happens, it is optimal to have a professional that can come get you out of a tight spot. Affordable Towing and Junk Cars can come to your assistance and if the electrical failure is more complex than a quick patch up on the side of the road, our towing experts can get your vehicle to your favorite mechanics.

Common Car Electrical Failures; Check Engine Light, Dim Headlights or Dashboard Lights, No Power & More

1) Difficulty Turning-Over the Engine: A bad battery, starter or engine issues may not always be the cause to a car’s engine. But instead, an unrelated defective component in the electrical system is either draining your battery or preventing the starter from cranking the engine. The ‘check engine light’ will be up in the event the engine won’t turn over in most instances. A clicking noise will occur when turning the key if the starter can’t get adequate current flow to engage. A bad or discharged battery is typically the source of the problem, which means your starter, may be the issue. Hearing a grinding noise during cranking is due to a bad starter or flywheel ring gear. In older cars and/or a vehicle with higher mileage, the more likely that your vehicle’s rotating electrical parts are worn. Batteries typically last five years or so, less in hotter climates and they are the primary source to which your electrical system draws powers to operate. Be sure to check your battery cables for corrosion and for tight fit at the terminal ends. They can be cleaned to improve the efficiency.
2) Dim Headlights: Dim headlights or brake lights often indicate a charging malfunction, an electrical system resistance, loosened wires, or a battery that is severely discharged. Dim lights also can suggest a low system voltage. After voltage drops under minimal levels, it can cause a few difficulties such as; safety systems, for example the traction control may be disabled which will eventually lead the vehicle from not running altogether. An insufficient alternator caused from a loose or cracked belt can prevent you’re your vehicle from maintaining battery voltage.
3) Unusual Smells: Melting plastic or electrical insulation or burning is not something that fixes itself. The electrical system is being inflicted by issues that need immediate attention. Every electrical circuit in your vehicle is designed to maintain specific volumes of current and even if just one wire or component shorts, the circuit will attempt to compensate by drawing in more power than it can handle.
4) Missing or Blown Fuses: An electrical device or wiring that is drawing too much current is a red flag that a blown fuse is present. Finding the problem first is the primary priority before simply replacing the fuse and calling it fixed. Following the replacement of your fuse, monitor the fuse closely to ensure it will not be a reoccurring issue. If you find that fuses are a frequent repair, there is a deeper electrical issue in your vehicle and getting an electrical diagnostic will help you find the root of the problem.

Car Electrical Failure & Diagnostic Problems in Wellington, Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Loxahatchee & West Palm Beach, Florida

In the event you find yourself in need of assistance due to an electrical problem in your West Palm Beach, Florida vehicle, contact Affordable Towing and Junk Cars and our specialists will help you get your vehicle running or towed to your mechanic that is more equipped to handle the issue.

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