Troubleshooting Symptoms & How to Stop Your Car from Overheating in West Palm Beach, FL

Imagine you are driving down the street on your way to get dinner and you realize that the temperature gauge on your instrument panel is moving into the red. The red section means that the engine is getting too hot and the components that are supposed to keep it cooled are not working right. There are several things that can be wrong with the car to cause it to overheat. The problem is immediate and you need to take care when this occurs. The engine needs to stay cool and if it gets in the red zone it can cause a serious amount of damage to the car. The heat will cause areas of the engine to seize up and warp. If it gets to that point you will need to do some major repairs to get the car operational. When you notice that your car is starting to overheat you need to act very quick. Start by pulling over on the side of the road as soon as it is safe. You want to immediately turn the engine off so that the heat is no longer being radiated. Now that you have the car stopped in a safe area it is best to call for a tow truck. They can come down to your location and pick up your vehicle and tow it to a repair shop. Now you may be wondering what could have caused the vehicle to overheat.

Affordable Junk Cars & Towing Lists Reasons Your Vehicle Might Start to Overheat

Car Thermostat is Stuck or BrokenSigns of Radiator Failure: The radiator is part of the cars engine that will help to keep it cool. It is full of coolant that is necessary to keep the moving and working parts from overheating. The problem can occur when the radiator is full of debris. The debris can start to clog up the radiator and cause it to clog the lines. When this occurs the car can easily start to overheat. Be sure that you change out the radiator fluid on a regular basis.
How to Tell if Water Pump is Working?: The water pump is the part of the car that sends the coolant and water to the engine. The pump needs to be treated and repaired as soon as there is a problem. If the overheating occurs due to the water pump the car will overheat in just a few minutes.

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