How Long Can a Car Sit on the Side of the Highway in Loxahatchee, FL? Vehicle Breakdown Procedure; What to Do if Your Car Breaks Down

As we get ready for the holidays and all the travel that comes with them, now is a good time to make sure your car is in good running order to get you to and from the many places you will be traveling this holiday season. The last thing that you want is to find yourself stranded on the side of the road somewhere with nowhere to go. Affordable Junk Cars & Towing is here to talk about some preventative measures that can be taken to ensure you aren’t broken down on the side of the road.

Check Your Tire Tread Depth Wear & Air Pressure

Before you set out on any sort of a trip, you should check all five of your tires. You may ask where the fifth one is? You need to check your spare tire as well as the four you use to drive on. As your spare sits in storage, it can become unusable with cracks and other signs of age. Make sure it is ready to go in case you have a need for it. Check the air in all of your tires as well as the wear and tear. During this time of the year, you may experience weather in places you are traveling so make sure the tread is still going to keep you safe.

How to Tell if a Car Battery is Bad

Coming out of the hottest months of the year, this is a great time to check your battery. The extreme temperatures that summer brings can do a number on your car battery. The extreme heat causes erosion on the terminals to happen at a faster rate which can cause insufficient electrical power. When you first buy a battery for your car, you are told that it will last 3-5 years. That varies from place to place though. It all depends on where you live and the conditions in which your battery will be experiencing. Make sure you check it and it is able to get you from point A to point B with no problems.

Windshield Wiper Fluid Won’t Spray or Not Coming Out?

The extreme weather that comes with the holidays can make driving stressful. If your windshield wipers aren’t up to par, then it is even worse. Check your wipers for signs of aging. If they are worn and cracked, they will do little to keep your windshield clean and could make visibility an issue on your trip. When you hit weather, you will need to have wiper fluid as well. Make sure the reservoir is completely full before you set off on your trip.

Car Maintenance Schedule & Checklist

Having the proper maintenance done on your vehicle will ensure it runs properly. If you have a vehicle maintenance light that comes on, don’t ignore it. Your car is trying to tell you there is a potential problem and you should have it looked at right away. This is especially true if you are getting ready to head out on a long road trip.

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