How to Read Tire Numbers to Tell What Size Tires Fit My Car & What the Tire Pressure is Supposed to Be in West Palm Beach, FL!

Being stranded on the side of the road is a real hassle for anyone. The number one reason that cars are stranded on the road is from a tire that has blown out or gone flat. A tire is a necessity when you want to drive your vehicle and if something happens to the tire you need to stop right away and make the repair or call for roadside assistance. There are several things that you can do to ensure that your tires are in good shape. You want to make sure that they have good tread and the air pressure is at a level that is appropriate for that particular tire. You may not realize that you can look at the tire itself and find out all sorts of important information about your tires.

Affordable Junk Cars & Towing Explains How to Read Tire Numbers to Know What Size Tires Fit & Correct Tire Pressure

Tire Facts Information: You may think you need to be a tire repair technician to know information about your tire but you don’t. If you go out and look at the side of your car or trucks tire you can find a plethora of information. The sidewall of each tire has number and letters that can tell you a lot about the tire. You can see what size the tire is and what air pressure is appropriate for the tire.
What Size Tires Fit My Car?: The side of the tire has a bunch of letters and numbers that are lined around that you can use to determine this information. To be able to tell what size the tire is, you will see a series of numbers and letters that may thing something like P205/65R which is common on many cars. The first letter in the series is what the tire is designated for the vehicle. A letter P means that it is meant for a passenger vehicle. There are some trucks that may have an LT instead of a P for light truck. The numbers that follow this letter show the width of the tire when it is measured in millimeters. The next number that comes after a slash will show you what size the side of the tire is. In this case the sidewall of the tire is 65 millimeters from the wheel to the top of the tread. The final R means that it is radial.
What is Your Tire Pressure Supposed to Be At?: You can also use the numbers on the side of the tire to determine this. You want to keep the tire inflated properly to ensure that it works the most efficiently. The tire pressure can change when the weather changes and that means you need to have them checked often. There is a number followed by PSI. That represents the pound per square inch that is needed to inflate the tire. Make sure you are in that range to have optimal air pressure.

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