Winterize Car Maintenance Preparing Checklist. Tips to Get Your Car Ready For Winter; Check Battery, Fluid Levels, Tire Air Pressure & More

The change is weather is hard on some people. The cold weather brings snow, layers of clothes and darker nights. The cold is hard on people, pets, bugs and even your car. Your car is made to work in many conditions even in the cold, snowy days of winter. Just like any of your appliance or your clothing options you need to make some changes to your vehicle when the weather cools way off. Getting stuck on the side of the road is no fun any time of the year but on a freezing cold day it might be even worse. There are many things you can do to prepare your car to deal with the new weather.

Affordable Junk Cars & Towing Lists What You Can Do to Prepare Your Car For The Cold Winter Months

Get Your Oil Changed: A car has a light that will alert you when you need to have your oil changed. The oil needs to be changed on a regular basis and you can determine that based on the owner’s manual of the vehicle. The car also needs to be looked at even closer in the winter time and often it needs to be a thinner oil if your car will be in the freezing temperatures.
Check Your Car Battery: When the weather is cold your car is going to need more juice to get it started. Many people will start to notice that it takes a few seconds more to get the car to turn over and start up. This is especially true on a cold morning after the car has sat all night long. Just because your battery will start your car it does not mean that it is fully charged. You can do a quick check by turning on your headlights and then starting your car. If your lights get brighter when you start the car the battery may not have a full charge. This is an indicator that you need to have a new battery installed. You can also have your car battery checked at your local auto store.
Install New Wiper Blades & Check Fluid Levels: The wiper blades on your car sit there for months without being used. Then all of a sudden there is rain and you realize that they are dried out or broken. The wipers are something that you need to keep track of and change them out when the weather changes. The wipers are a safety tool to help you travel along even when there is rain and snow.
Check The Tires & Air Pressure: Another area on the car that needs to be looked at when the weather changes to cold is the amount of air that is in the tires. The air pressure will fluctuate when the weather goes from warm to cold. The pressure will lower when it gets cold so you will need to add some air to the tires. You also want to check the health of the tires and see the amount of tread that is left. If you are not sure what you are looking for you can take it to an expert to have them checked.

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