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Exotic vehicles are a high commodity. They are beautiful and powerful pieces of machinery. From classic, vintage or antique automobiles to high-end sports cars, the exotic cars often include a heavy price tag. Investing in large sums of money for ownership is not enough, but parts and maintenance services are also usually in no way cheap. For those that can afford the luxury of owning an exotic automobile, finding an affordable towing option shouldn’t be included in the list of expensive services. With that in mind, we at Affordable Towing and Junk Cars would like to expound on exotic vehicles and considering the towing option when you are looking to transport it short distances.

Minimize Drive Time for Exotic Cars

When it comes to going for a cruise in your exotic vehicle, you will generally find two kinds of drivers that pose a threat to your vehicle; 1) the street racer who spots the exotic ride and expects you to comply with his intentions, or 2) the driver who simply does not care about adhering to the driving guidelines and laws. Considering that, most exotic automobile owners would prefer to minimize their drive time. When conserving miles or the vehicle has become inoperable, getting your car towed to the mechanic or exotic car show might be your better option. If you do decide to invest in a tow, you can better prepare you and the vehicle by applying the below listed tips to getting a successful exotic automobile tow.

Tips for Choosing a Towing Company to Tow Your Exotic Car

1) Select a Towing Service: Do not randomly pull a number out of a hat to find the right towing company for you. You will want to do your homework first. A towing company with a positive reputation for reliability, dependability, and safety are just a few of the attributes that are desirable for towing your “baby”. The towing company’s fleet of trucks should be well equipped to handle the hazards of the roads and accommodate the exotic vehicle you own with secure and safe transportation. Entrusting your exotic ride to a professional requires them to protect and value your vehicle as you do. Your exotic vehicle has financial value, but for many, it also has sentimental value. Be sure the towing professional you choose has all the appropriate credentials, such as being licensed, bonded, and insured.
2) Confirm Insurance: Prior to the day you need a tow, know what the insurance coverage is and to see if additional insurance is needed. With unforeseen issues arising, it is ideal to have copies of your insurance as well as the towing company’s insurance in the event of damage or loss. Your insurance company may offer coverage as an optional add-on if your existing policy doesn’t cover your vehicle during transport
3) Copy Documents: Ensuring you have all the pertinent documentation should be readily available including paperwork for insurance during the towing service
4) Prepare Your Vehicle: After you have made all the necessary arrangements and prior to the exotic towing, you will need to prepare the car itself. Sweep the vehicle including in all the compartments, under seats, and in the trunk. Valuables such as removable emblems, car audio systems, navigational aids and other electronic devices should also be taken out of the car for safe keeping.

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