Guide to What Causes Uneven & Irregular Tire Wear Patterns on Inside & Outside Edge of Tires in West Palm Beach, FL

Tire failure is all too common of a problem. Many times our tires can create problems in our vehicle that makes us think there is a serious problem. Often these failures or irregular wear will leave you stranded on the side of the road. Some of these problems will give warning signs so you can deal with the problem before you’re stuck on the freeway or away from home. Affordable Towing & Junk Cars will share the causes of irregular tire wear.

What Causes Uneven & Irregular Tire Wear on Inside & Outside Edge of Tires

First, it helps to understand what causes and will lead to irregular tire wear. Following is a list of common causes:
Air Pressure – Improper air pressure can become a problem by wearing the tires in specific patterns. The pattern of wear can be due to either high or low air pressure.
Balance Issues – When a tire is improperly balanced it will cause the tire to spin or turn with a wobble effect. Because of this wobble it will cause your tire to wear unevenly and even cause side wall separation. You may even experience some vibration in the wheels.
Bent Wheels – Bent wheel or wheels can also cause vibration in the vehicle. A bent wheel can also affect the wear of the tire as well as the wear of the other tires. The bend could cause many different types of weird tire wear because of the bend.
Alignment – The alignment assists the vehicle in keeping the tire aligned correctly, which help provides an even wear pattern on all four tires. When the tires are misaligned they will then create uneven wear patterns with additional tire problems.

Tire Wear Patterns Guide

Now that we know the different causes of irregular tire wear, there are also wear pattern types that can also help knowing if there may be future tire problems. Here are the types of wear patterns found on irregular tire wear:
One Shoulder – if you see that only one shoulder of the tire or side is worn off, it is typically due to misalignment, or specifically an incorrect camber. If left unattended you will need to replace your tire, however misalignments can be fixed and the tire with the wear on its one side can be switched by rotating your tires.
Scalloping or Feathering – scalloping or feathering is when all of the tread blocks on the side or shoulder of the tire develop a worn pattern, It is where one side of the blocks are higher than the other. This creates a distinct flutter sound when driving. This is due to misalignment of the tires.
Double Shoulder – If a tire is worn on both sides of the shoulder. The common cause of this wear pattern is due to under-inflation or low pressure.
Center Rib – a center rib worn pattern is when the center of the tire is worn down. This occurs when the tire has high air pressure inside the tire.
Spot Shoulder – If only a single area or spot on the tire is worn down this is for sure due to a bent wheel, the wheel often gets bent on the inside where most drivers don’t look or notice.
Lateral Wear – Lateral wear will cause your tire to wobble side to side as you drive or the tire will spin. In most cases a lateral wear is do a misalignment. Lateral wear will also have a toe affect which is when a wheel or tire is on a slant.

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When tire wear is discovered you should try to figure out the cause. Knowing the type of tire wear as well as the cause can help you repair your vehicle and either repair or replace your tires. Flat tires and other related problems is the most common reason why people get stuck on the road. Affordable Towing & Junk Cars hopes to help keep our customers safe and avoid any future tire problems. If you need any roadside assistance or you have towing needs, contact Affordable Towing & Junk Cars today.

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