How Many Miles Should a New Car Battery Last & Answers to Other Car Battery Questions in West Palm Beach, FL

Are you planning a night out with your significant other on Valentine’s Day? Make sure your battery won’t leave you stranded after dinner and ruin your night! The battery in your car will not last forever. It will get weak and eventually die. Many garages will test your battery for you. The battery can be tested along with testing the starting and charging system as well. Some garages will charge $30 -$60 for this service, but many will do it free of charge.

Signs of a Bad Car Battery; Is Yours Dying & Need Replacing?

1. Interior lights that flicker. Lights that flicker or appear dimmer than they did before means there might be a lack of juice being delivered to the battery.
2. Engine cranks slowly. When you try starting it, the cranking of the engine is sluggish and/or takes longer to start than it did before.
3. Check engine light is on. If the check engine light is on, it may be connected to a weak battery.
4. Battery fluid is low. Many times, you can keep an eye on the fluid level because part of the casing is clear. Low levels indicate the battery and charging system needs to be tested.
5. Battery case is bloated. If the case the battery is in appears swollen, it may be excessive heat that’s causing it which will decrease the life of your battery.
6. Leaking battery. If the battery is leaking it can lead to corrosion around the posts. The posts are where the + and – connectors are. If there’s too much gunk around them, your car might not start.
7. Age of the battery. A new battery can last over three years but you should have it tested each year until it reaches the three-year mark.

How Many Miles Should a New Car Battery Last?

What is the cost of a new battery? To get an idea of how much a new battery will cost, look at spending anywhere from $60 – $130 along with an installation fee. Trying to replace a battery yourself runs the risk of getting hurt. Old batteries can be extremely acidic and it’s best to have it done at an auto shop. Modern batteries are maintenance-free. The amount of time can last depend on the way you drive and the temperature where you live. If you make lots of short trips, the life of your battery can become shorter. Taking short trips of 20 minutes or less doesn’t allow enough time for the battery to fully recharge and will shorten the life of it. Extreme temperatures kill batteries. Hot summers aren’t good for batteries and neither are freezing temperatures. Your battery can become drained overnight if a light is left on or a power adapter is left plugged in. The battery will be zapped of all its power while you’re sleeping.

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Having a dead battery is an inconvenience. Check the battery from time to time to see how much life it has left so you won’t be let stranded. If you have a dead battery, give Affordable Towing & Junk Cars a call to get you on your way!

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