What Does Oil Do in an Engine & What Happens if You Don’t Change the Oil in Your Car in West Palm Beach, FL?

The cost of a new vehicle is not cheap and when you go to purchase a new car or truck you should do what you can to maintain it. It would be a real waste to allow the car to lose value after you have paid that much money. All vehicle owners know they need to check the air in their tires as well as fluids in their engine which include the oil. The oil is a major part of the car and needs to be maintained properly and checked often. You may think that your car isn’t leaking oil so where is it going and why do you need to add more regularly. The car doesn’t just use gas up. It actually uses oil as well.

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Normal Engine Oil Consumption: One thing that many people don’t understand is why the car needs to have oil replaced when there isn’t a leak. The reason is just like our car uses gas to run the motor, it also uses oil to keep the many moving parts lubricated. The lubrication allows the parts to move slowly and without friction. Every car uses oil but you may find that you need oil in your car more often than your friend. The reason behind this is how you drive your car. If you run your car a lot and drive with a lead foot, the faster it will go through oil than someone who drives a little steadier.
Why Do Cars Need Oil to Run?: There are many reasons behind needing oil in your car. The oil is an important part of the engine and how it functions. The oil is what lubricates parts of the engine like the pistons and valves. If these parts are not lubricated they can start to create friction that leads to heat. Heat is not good on an engine and can lead to the engine seizing up. Another job that the oil has is to remove some of the dirt and debris that would otherwise get in the engine components. The dirt that is left behind will start to cause corrosion and that will lead to your car dying an early death. Another great benefit to the oil that is kept in the car is that it will improve the gas mileage that you get. With gas prices always fluctuating most people do what they can to save money at the pump.
Why Do You Have To Change the Oil in Your Car?: You might be wondering why you can’t occasionally add some oil to your engine rather than having it replaced. The problem is that the oil will start to collect the dirt from the engine. That will eventually lead to sludge forming and then it will no longer be able to lubricate the moving parts.

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