What to do if Your Car Breaks Down in the Middle of the Road; Emergency Roadside Assistance Service Tips Near Me in Wellington, FL

It can be scary when your car breaks down and if you are not knowledgeable of what may have happened or have no way to fix it, it can also be extremely frustrating.

What to Do if Your Car Breaks Down in the Middle of the Road

Turn on your hazard lights and move off the road as much as possible when you begin to experience car trouble. Try and coast along the shoulder until you are no longer ahead of any hidden curves from oncoming cars. This is smart when you’re ready to get back on the road as you will have a clear view of oncoming traffic. Do not get out of the car if the engine dies and you can’t move it. It may be nerve racking to sit in a dead car as oncoming traffic builds up behind you, but it’s safer than trying to cross a busy freeway. If the highway is a busy one, a highway patrol officer may not be far behind. If it’s dark, turn the interior light on to alert other drivers that you are there. If you happen to have a white piece of paper or cloth, roll the window down, hang it and roll the window back up to keep it in place. This will alert others that you are having issues with your car and they will move around you. Use your cell phone to call for help or use a call box if it happens to be close, return to your car, and lock it. If you do not have a cell phone or a call box near you, you will need to wait for highway patrol. Always attempt any work on your car from the side that is not exposed to oncoming traffic or the front of the car and always move the car as far away from the road as possible. At night you can place warning lights or reflective markers about six feet behind your car to alert traffic and get back in the car to stay safe. You can also leave interior lights on if these aren’t available to you. It is dangerous to try and change a tire unless you can get to the side of the road or its on eh side of the car away from traffic.

What Does Roadside Assistance Cover?

If your car has a dead battery, it can be started with a jump start. When you can’t get into your car, the roadside service technician will attempt to perform an emergency lockout for you. If they can’t, a locksmith service will be called. If you run out of gas, enough fuel will be delivered to get you to the nearest gas station. Blow outs and flat tires will happen. Your flat will be replaced with your spare inside your car. Be sure to get a new tire as soon a possible so the spare can be returned and ready for future flats. If the car can’t be made drivable or cannot be driven safely, it will be towed to the nearest mechanic. If you want your car towed to another mechanic, there may be extra charges depending on distance. If your vehicle happens to be stuck off road, we can winch it out.

Roadside Assistance in Wellington, Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter & Loxahatchee, Florida

The next time you experience a breakdown with your car and you’re unable to take care of it yourself, call Affordable Towing & Junk Cars for help!

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