How to Tow a Car in Boca Raton, FL; Flatbed Tow Truck, Wheel Lift and Hook & Chain Towing

When you are in a position that you need to have a car towed it can be overwhelming. It may be your car that you use everyday to get through your life or an old junk car that needs to be taken to a junkyard. Whatever the reason behind needing a tow there are several types of tow trucks and ways that a car or truck can be towed. The tow truck that is used will sometimes depend on the company and on the vehicle that needs to be towed. Some are no longer in a position to move on the road at all due to damage so you will need to have them all the way off the ground while others are experiencing engine trouble and just need to be pulled to a place to be repaired.

Affordable Towing & Junk Cars Lists the Different Types of Tow Trucks & What the Benefits Are of Each.

Wheel Lift Tow Truck Options: If you have ever seen a show that documents repossessions or city towing you most likely have seen this type of tow truck. A wheel lift tow truck is able to get under a vehicle quickly and pull it out quite fast. The truck will have a set of bars that come out and slide under the car that needs to be towed and open up to grab on the front or back tires of the car or truck. The metal arms are also called a yoke and can move a car without causing much damage at all. After the car is hooked by the tires and wheels it is lifted off the ground with a hydraulic lift. This will allow the tow truck to move the vehicle to another location for the individual.
Flatbed Tow Truck: This is a type of tow truck that is useful especially if you are moving a car or vehicle that you want to be sure you cause no damage to during the tow itself. The tow truck has a flatbed as the name suggests that is able to carry a vehicle up on the back of the truck and completely off the ground. The flatbed is still attached to a hydraulic system that allows the bed to come up at an angle so that it can touch the ground. The car can then be attached to a lift that will pull it up onto the bed. The bed then goes back into place and the car is secured before it is taken away. This is a great option if your vehicle that has been in an accident that has left it unable to drive.
Hook & Chain Towing: This is an option when towing a vehicle but it is not always ideal. The vehicle is most likely to have some damage during the tow when this is used. This is how most people try and tow their own vehicle by attaching a chain or cable from one car to another. The second car being towed has to have someone in the driver’s seat to steer the car in the right direction. You may see this type of towing when moving around some junk cars or trucks.

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