Why Do I Keep Getting Flat Tires? Common Causes of Tire Flats in West Palm Beach, FL; Sidewall Damage from Curbs, Nails & More

Getting a flat tire is no picnic. It’s a frustrating event and it seems like they come out of nowhere, especially when you are in transit. There you are with a downed vehicle in the middle of traffic, but luckily with Affordable Towing and Junk Cars roadside assistance, our experts can quickly come to your aid. But today, we would like to take the opportunity to let you know the common causes of tire flats.

Nail, Screw or Staple Puncture Hole Near or in Sidewall of Tire

It is not unheard of for fallen debris to wind up on roads, parking lots, even your driveway or garage floor. If you roll over the top of any of these objects at just the right angle; that debris could cause a puncture in your tire. More often than not the offending debris that causes puncture holes are nails, industrial staples, and screws. Though glass is not durable enough to puncture a hole in the tire it can still inflict enough damage the tread and compromise the structural integrity of the tire. Leaks, depending on how big the hole can be from low, to moderate, to rapid; if the nail or other object gets dislodged from your tire. A leak becomes obvious if you put air in your tire and it loses the PSI quickly afterward. If you are near a mechanic, you can probably get your car there in time before additional damage to the tire occurs if the leak is slow, if you need assistance changing the tire to a spare or need a tow, Affordable Towing and Junk Cars can assist you.

Tire Sidewall Damage from Curbs

Another common cause to flat tires is due to sidewall damage. When the sidewall of the tire becomes damaged, the tire is irreparable and requires a replacement. When the sidewall becomes damaged, it separates the layers on the sides of the tire that allow for flexibility and movement. Typically, the curb is to blame for the tire to be inflicted with sidewall damage. By taking a turn too fast you scrape the tire on the curb and the friction causes damage to the sidewall. Your tire can be get blown out if the damage occurs quickly and with enough force.

Additional Causes of Flat Tires

There are other problems that can make a tire go flat. Poor installation, old and “balding” tires, or the spout is not properly sealed. Before getting into your car, it doesn’t hurt to take a few seconds to inspect the appearance of your tires, and if you have a tire air gauge handy, ensuring the pressure is adequate can help avoid being in traffic before you realize the tire is leaking air.

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