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Selling Your Junk Car After a Rollover in West Palm Beach, FL; Value of Parts & Scrap Metal

Rollover accidents, according to the statistical evidence available, results in one of the highest fatality and extensive injury rates than nearly any another motor vehicular accidents. The stress to occupants and the vehicle structure are very high. Even wearing proper restraints, the arms are thrown out broken windows due in part to the centrifugal forces (a note: There really is no such word as ‘centrifical’ at least not formally, it is a verbal word sounding like the correct word, but is not recognized as word, it is referred to as an ‘egg corn’), where they are subject to the fury of the rolling car.

What Parts Can Be Repaired or Salvaged After a Rollover Accident?

Cars are built tough but their resistance to damage is compromised in a rollover. Jeeps and race cars all come with roll bars integral to the vehicle as they have a high potentially rollover rate. For salvage the problem arises what can be used and what parts are only good for scrap. As the vehicle rolls force acting on the unit can be extreme, especially if it’s a bouncy roll with the attendant multiple violent contacts with the ground surface, gutters and road pavement. The doors and top suffers and therefore are not serviceable. Axle housings are bent preventing their repurposing and use as a replacement part or rod building project. The engine and transmission, and in four wheel drives the transfer case and attendant wiring harnesses could be usable. Generally wheels are bent if steel and broken if alloy and tires shredded. Not only are rollovers tough on the occupants but are extremely destructive of the vehicle itself.

How Did the Vehicle Roll & Land During the Rollover?

Tripped rollovers occur when striking something like a curb that initiates the rollover. The part of the vehicle contacting a curb is usually the wheel that takes exaggerated force from a direction they’re not designed to cope with. Most insurance agencies total the vehicle after a rollover. If the car lands on its top other considerations include fluid leaks, not limited to the radiator but fuel and oil as well. Though vehicle explosions and fires are not as prevalent as depicted by Hollywood, leaking fuel does pose a hazard. Landing on its side the car or truck may still find retention of fluids problematic, as fuel tanks where never designed to operate in this position, in fact they are vented to the top or top and sides. The tops collapse and doors are crumpled or ripped from the body of the vehicle. Doors, hoods and trunk lids are subject to impact, abrasion and centrifugal forces. Being thrown open or ripped from the vehicle. If the top collapse only a little imagination needs to be used to visualize what happens to the occupants. Stressed or broken necks and spine result, along with very bad trauma to the head.

Selling Your Junk Vehicle for Scrap & Parts After a Rollover

Generally an extensive rollover regulates the vehicle to the scrap heap. However for the recycler there is value in that rollover victim. Engines and transmissions come to mind. About 1,500 – 2000 pounds of scrap iron and a 1,000 feet of copper wiring, all valuable commodities.

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So if you’re looking for parts for that hot rod project or fixing up that classic you may want to avoid a rollover vehicle for your needs. Contact Affordable Towing & Junk Cars for all your towing and roadside assistance needs as well as to sell your junk car for cash.

Troubleshooting Symptoms & How to Stop Your Car from Overheating in West Palm Beach, FL

Imagine you are driving down the street on your way to get dinner and you realize that the temperature gauge on your instrument panel is moving into the red. The red section means that the engine is getting too hot and the components that are supposed to keep it cooled are not working right. There are several things that can be wrong with the car to cause it to overheat. The problem is immediate and you need to take care when this occurs. The engine needs to stay cool and if it gets in the red zone it can cause a serious amount of damage to the car. The heat will cause areas of the engine to seize up and warp. If it gets to that point you will need to do some major repairs to get the car operational. When you notice that your car is starting to overheat you need to act very quick. Start by pulling over on the side of the road as soon as it is safe. You want to immediately turn the engine off so that the heat is no longer being radiated. Now that you have the car stopped in a safe area it is best to call for a tow truck. They can come down to your location and pick up your vehicle and tow it to a repair shop. Now you may be wondering what could have caused the vehicle to overheat.

Affordable Junk Cars & Towing Lists Reasons Your Vehicle Might Start to Overheat

Car Thermostat is Stuck or BrokenSigns of Radiator Failure: The radiator is part of the cars engine that will help to keep it cool. It is full of coolant that is necessary to keep the moving and working parts from overheating. The problem can occur when the radiator is full of debris. The debris can start to clog up the radiator and cause it to clog the lines. When this occurs the car can easily start to overheat. Be sure that you change out the radiator fluid on a regular basis.
How to Tell if Water Pump is Working?: The water pump is the part of the car that sends the coolant and water to the engine. The pump needs to be treated and repaired as soon as there is a problem. If the overheating occurs due to the water pump the car will overheat in just a few minutes.

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Affordable Junk Cars & Towing offers towing and roadside assistance if your car overheats in Greater West Palm Beach, FL. Contact us if you found yourself a stranded motorist and needs assistance.

How Much Do Junkyards Pay for Cars in West Palm Beach, FL & How Does Junking a Car Work?

When you have an old car that is just not worth fixing, registering or driving you need to find a way to get rid of it. A junk car is not a car that someone wants to buy because the cost to get it running is more than what the car is even worth. That means that you need to find a place that picks up junk cars to take it away. An old junk car at your home can be a real eye sore and could cause problems with your neighbors. The look of your home does have a direct impact of the value of the homes nearby. A junk car will often need to be towed away and taken to a yard that deals in junk cars. Junkyards often pay around $150 per ton which translates to about $300 for the average car. If you are ready to have the car junked you need to get the vehicle ready.

Affordable Junk Cars & Towing Outlines Some Steps You Need to Take When Junking Your Unwanted Car

Remove Personal Belongings Before You Sell Your Junk Car: When you have a car you often leave your glasses, paperwork, bags and more in it. There are often personal belongings in the trunk as well that you may want to keep. You want to be sure that if you are getting rid of a car to junk you take time to go through it. You want to check every area that you may have ever left something. The visor, trunk, under the hood and glovebox are all areas that commonly have items left behind. When the car is picked up and taken to be junked you will not have another opportunity to get your things out.
Title, Registration & Plates When Junking a Vehicle: If you are going to junk a car you still have some responsibilities. Make sure you take the license plates off the car and keep them with you. You will need to go to the local department of motor vehicles to turn them back in. You may have a credit with the DMV. Also call the insurance company and have the vehicle removed from your policy. You don’t want to keep paying for insurance in a car you are no longer in possession of. Another area you need to deal with is the title to the car. You need to clear the title before you junk the car. The title needs to be clean and that means loans are paid off in advance. You can sell the car to a junkyard or transfer the title to them. This will then release you from liability for anything that happens with the car thereafter.
Use the Gas Before You Junk Your Car: If you have a junk car that is still running but not for long you want to use what you can. If you have a full tank of gas you want to use it up first. Drive it around before you take off the plates and shut down the insurance. That way you are getting the most for your money before you drop it off.

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Affordable Junk Cars & Towing offers professional towing, roadside assistance services and more. Contact us whenever you find yourself a stranded motorist or wish to sell your unwanted vehicle.

Florida Car Accident Laws; How Long Do You Have to Report a Auto Collision, Crash or Fender Bender in West Palm Beach, FL

There are many drivers that go through most of their life without ever being involved in a car collision or accident. However, when an accident happens, most feel disoriented and not sure as what to do when it occurs. If no one was seriously injured in the accident, there are simple protocols you can follow in the event you were involved in a minor fender bender. Affordable Towing & Junk Cars will share Florida’s state protocols on what to do if you find yourself involved in a car accident.

What to do After a Car Accident

Bear in mind that vehicular accidents are unpredictable and each situation can become unique on how it should be handled. These are some basic guidelines to help you react in the best way possible. In a minor accident and if your vehicle is still somewhat functioning, move your vehicle off to the side of the road or out of the way of other motorists. You may need help if your vehicle is no longer working, but still movable. If your vehicle is no longer functional you will also want to contact your preferred towing company.

Steps to Take After a Car Accident Injury

If someone has been hurt you should immediately call for law enforcement and medical assistance. If someone was injured you should get them help before you worry about anything else first. Remain close to the injured person and the scene of the accident until help arrives. You should not attempt to move the injured person yourself. Just stand by until medical assistance arrives. Tell the injured person not to move and to hold as still as possible. However if the injured person’s life is in immediate threat from other unsuspecting motorists, then you may attempt to move the person, but do so as carefully as possible.

Reporting an Automobile Accident

If all members involved in the accident are in good health while you wait for the arrival of law enforcement, begin to exchange full names, addresses, insurance information and registration numbers. Once law enforcement officers arrive on the scene, you should be prepared to give them your drivers license. They will most likely ask for proof of insurance and registration as well.

Contact Police After a Collision

In the case of a serious injury, death, a hit and run, or property damage that may exceed over $500 dollars worth of damage has occurred; Law enforcement should be contacted right away. Remain at the scene until they arrive. As a witness you will need to give the investigating officer your account of the event. The officer may request you to summit your own report. If so, this should be done within 10 days of the accident.

Accident Involving an Unoccupied Vehicle

In the event you may have hit another vehicle that was unoccupied, a vehicle in a parking lot for an example, you’re required to either wait for the owner of the vehicle to arrive or leave your name, number and license plate number. Additionally, report the collision to law enforcement right away.

Fast Accident Response, Towing & Roadside Assistance in Wellington, Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter & Loxahatchee & West Palm Beach, Florida

Depending on the severity of the accident, you may have to tow your vehicle to your home or preferred mechanic. In some cases you may need to trash it and sell your now wrecked junk car. It both situations, Affordable Towing & Junk Cars can help you review our services and see how we are able to help you after an accidents has occurred. Contact Affordable Towing & Junk Cars today.

Exotic Towing; Flatbed Tow Trucks for Transport of Luxury, Classic & Lowered Cars in West Palm Beach, FL

Exotic vehicles are a high commodity. They are beautiful and powerful pieces of machinery. From classic, vintage or antique automobiles to high-end sports cars, the exotic cars often include a heavy price tag. Investing in large sums of money for ownership is not enough, but parts and maintenance services are also usually in no way cheap. For those that can afford the luxury of owning an exotic automobile, finding an affordable towing option shouldn’t be included in the list of expensive services. With that in mind, we at Affordable Towing and Junk Cars would like to expound on exotic vehicles and considering the towing option when you are looking to transport it short distances.

Minimize Drive Time for Exotic Cars

When it comes to going for a cruise in your exotic vehicle, you will generally find two kinds of drivers that pose a threat to your vehicle; 1) the street racer who spots the exotic ride and expects you to comply with his intentions, or 2) the driver who simply does not care about adhering to the driving guidelines and laws. Considering that, most exotic automobile owners would prefer to minimize their drive time. When conserving miles or the vehicle has become inoperable, getting your car towed to the mechanic or exotic car show might be your better option. If you do decide to invest in a tow, you can better prepare you and the vehicle by applying the below listed tips to getting a successful exotic automobile tow.

Tips for Choosing a Towing Company to Tow Your Exotic Car

1) Select a Towing Service: Do not randomly pull a number out of a hat to find the right towing company for you. You will want to do your homework first. A towing company with a positive reputation for reliability, dependability, and safety are just a few of the attributes that are desirable for towing your “baby”. The towing company’s fleet of trucks should be well equipped to handle the hazards of the roads and accommodate the exotic vehicle you own with secure and safe transportation. Entrusting your exotic ride to a professional requires them to protect and value your vehicle as you do. Your exotic vehicle has financial value, but for many, it also has sentimental value. Be sure the towing professional you choose has all the appropriate credentials, such as being licensed, bonded, and insured.
2) Confirm Insurance: Prior to the day you need a tow, know what the insurance coverage is and to see if additional insurance is needed. With unforeseen issues arising, it is ideal to have copies of your insurance as well as the towing company’s insurance in the event of damage or loss. Your insurance company may offer coverage as an optional add-on if your existing policy doesn’t cover your vehicle during transport
3) Copy Documents: Ensuring you have all the pertinent documentation should be readily available including paperwork for insurance during the towing service
4) Prepare Your Vehicle: After you have made all the necessary arrangements and prior to the exotic towing, you will need to prepare the car itself. Sweep the vehicle including in all the compartments, under seats, and in the trunk. Valuables such as removable emblems, car audio systems, navigational aids and other electronic devices should also be taken out of the car for safe keeping.

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If you are in need of an exotic vehicle tow, contact Affordable Towing and Junk Cars today and let our experts get your exotic vehicle towed safely to the destination.

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